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The Texas Drought Project is undertaken by the Texas Harambe Foundation of Austin, together with sponsorship from Texans for Peace and community partnership from organizations like the Greater Edwards  Aquifer Alliance. It brings together experts in farming, ranching, hydrology, civil engineering, climatology, and environmental science to  present forums in key regions most affected by drought. The subject matter ranges from recognition of indicators of climate change, recommendations for modifications to policies governing water, methods of conservation, and solutions to the overall problem. Targeted audiences include students, academics, farmers and ranchers, and those most affected by the ravages of climate change, lower-income residents. Special attention focuses on lower-income indigenous and immigrant populations, which have fewer resources for adaptation and which consequently present with obstacles for transition.

Directing the Texas Drought Project is Alyssa Burgin, who has served as outreach and media director of Texans for Peace since 2002. Ms. Burgin brings to this effort over twenty years of experience in community organizing, and has traversed the state of Texas many times on behalf of issues in the social justice realm.  She is the organizer of "Teaching Peace in Texas Schools," and assembled conferences and exhibits for groups ranging from the South Texas Alliance for Peace and Justice to the Walls Symposium at Trinity University. Additionally, she has done media advancework in national political campaigns, and international crisis media consulting for the Christian Peacemaker Teams. She holds degrees in writing and communications from the University of Texas.



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