Climate Change

These are some of the most valuable references on climate change issues, both primary (reports and research directly from an array of internationally renowned scientists) and secondary (reporting from some of the best investigative journalists). Utilize them in daily conversation or for your own research–perhaps you’ll spark some interest in this all-important topic.

And now, for a veritable panorama of climate change pieces:

Why IPCC Targets on Degree Rise are Wrong. Dr. James Hansen, thirty-year director off NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, arguably the world’s best known climatologist; UT-Austin’s Dr. Carmille Parmesan,  lead author of the 2001 IPCC report; Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and fifteen other well-respected scientists. Their summary–a rise of two degrees(target of the 12/15 UN Paris Climate Conference) would be a catastrophe leading to even higher temperatures and catastrophic climate change. They recommend a one-degree rise.

Bill McKibben on Disturbing New Math on Climate Change  The co-founder of, not an activist by nature, thought he could write his book and foment change. But that’s not how change happens.

VIDEO: Author/activist Naomi Klein: Capitalism and climate, this changes everything

Dahr Jamail: climate disruption dispatches—honest reporting about climate change with links to other timely articles from Dahr Jamail

Exxon’s climate cover-up just got bigger: all major oil giants have lied since 1970s

Scientists are expecting methane “burp” leading to 5 or 6 degree rise (for an explanation of temperature rises of that severity, please read the next article after this)     

Mark Lynas: Explanation of what happens as temperature rises

Is the Texas State Climatologist doing his job?                         

Dr. Hansen on Why CO2 Concentration Target Not Sufficient—This Research Resulted in           

Why the IPCC Always Underestimates by Joe Romm, Former Assistant Director of the US Department of Energy

New Study Shows Climate Change Largely Irreversible for 1000 Years

Royal Society (The US equivalent of the Academy of Sciences) Special Issue Details “hellish vision” of 7 degrees, by Joe Romm, former Asst Director of the US Dept of Energy
“The limits for human adaptation are likely to be exceeded in many parts of the world…”

Exxon CEO: ‘What Good Is It To Save The Planet If Humanity Suffers?’
Rex Tillerson, CEO ExxonMobil, thinks cutting emissions won’t work ‘ because the planet lives on oil’

As emissions pass 400ppm, why do fossil fuel subsidies continue?
Isn’t it time to ask the question?

CO2 emissions are being ‘outsourced’ by rich countries to rising economies
Greenhouse gas output of China, elsewhere, increased by making goods exported to the US and Europe