We have long worked on fracking issues in Texas, organizing town halls in the Eagle Ford Shale, helped stop fracked gas plants in Austin working as part of the Solar Si-Gas No coalition and are presently working to do the same in Waco, plus speaking out against LNG and fracked gas pipelines. Fracking destroys our precious water supplies, increases methane emissions–therefore contributing to climate change–and seriously impacts the health of those who reside in or near the shale.

Texas Lege bars towns from banning fracking

NYC Study on Chemicals Used/Frack—140-570 Tons/Average Frack

Fracking Fluids Found In Eight California Aquifers—How Many Texas Aquifers? 

U. of Missouri Medical School Study on 700 Toxic Chemicals Used in Each Frack

Why did New York ban fracking? Because “health, safety and environmental uncertainties over the dangers of fracking have gotten worse over time.”

Alyssa Burgin: Living and Dying in the Eagle Ford Shale
Texas Drought Project E.D. Alyssa Burgin gave a presentation at the Public Affairs forum of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin about the expansion of hydraulic fracturing into Bastrop and Lee Counties. It contains important information for every Texan!

Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale: Big Oil & Bad Air on the Texas Prairie
An eight-month investigation into the public health consequences of unmitigated oil and gas industry sprawl in Texas

A Texas Tragedy: Ample oil, no water
The fracking boom is sucking away precious water from beneath the ground, leaving cattle dead, farms bone-dry and people thirsty.

Up to 1,000 times more methane released at wells than previously thought
An analysis of a number of hydraulic fracturing sites in southwestern Pennsylvania has found that methane was being released into the atmosphere at 100-1,000 times the rate estimated by the EPA.