Resistance To Fossil Fuels

TDP Non-violent Civil Disobedience Campaign—We are starting to plan a statewide non-violent civil disobedience campaign. Even if you don’t want to risk arrest you can provide important support. Here is a wonderful film on this subject called Disobedience

TDP Divest from Fossil-Fuels Campaign—We are also starting a statewide Divestment From Fossil-fuels Campaign for cities and universities. Here is complete information on these type of campaigns—
There’s not much humor in climate change, but sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity.

Our Children’s Trust: a game-changing, youth-driven lawsuit initiated by Dr. James Hansen nd others, securing the right to a stable climate. Especially important if you have children or grandchildren! Look for the pictures of the children and their quotes.                                                                                             

How the children of Birmingham changed the civil rights movement: their actions, by both adults and children, were the heart and soul of the civil rights movement. Could they also provide a roadmap for our movement?           

Bill McKibben is the founder of, and a member of the Texas Drought project advisory board. Here’s his letter to U.S. mayors on fossil fuel divestment:                 

New wave of climate insurgents: One in six Americans say they would engage in climate change non-violent civil disobedience.                                             

Desmond Tutu: We need an apartheid-style boycott to save the planet

Resistance to massive fracked-gas West Texas pipeline                                                                      

Great documentary on the resistance to fracking for coal-seam gas in Australia

On International Women’s Day, 5000 women from the MST (Landless Movement) entered a nursery in Brazil, and destroyed seedlings of pinus and eucalyptus trees.                                                                                                                                It was a protest against the expansion of plantations in their region, the green deserts, the impacts on biodiversity, water and food sovereignty. It was also a protest against landgrabbing