The success of our Texas Climate Resolution Campaign last year which focused on the UN Climate Conference which 228 Texas organizations signed is due to Texans’ rapidly growing concern about the escalating menace of climate change in more floods, fires and drought. This concern translated into over 700 people helping our campaign.

Unfortunately, our hopes for the success of the climate agreement in Paris were not fulfilled. The two primary points of negotiation in the conference were, as always, 1) the percentage of emissions cuts and how they would be achieved and 2) how developed countries, whose emissions have already enriched themselves at the expense of poorer countries—where climate devastation is well underway—will help repay the tremendous climate debt thus far incurred.

We present five of the pre-eminent discussions on these topics, with the first two covering the first point above, and the remaining three exploring the intricacies of both.

Dr. James Hansen: Paris Agreement is BS and a Fraud  or   google “Hansen Paris Agreement is a Fraud”.                                                                                                                               Dr. Hansen, Director of NASA’s Goddard Inst. For Space Studies for over 30 years, is the de-facto leader of the world’s scientific community having successfully challenged both 450 parts per million(measure of CO2 concentration) and a rise of 2 degrees Celcius from pre-industrial levels, as being standards of safety. was born out of the 450ppm research and the Paris agreement’s embrace of 1.5 degrees Celcius was largely due to his research. 1.5 degrees is a compromise between his 1 degree recommendation and 2 degrees which many in the scientific community had previously recommended.

Friends of the Earth International: Paris Climate Deal is a Sham                               deal-sham 
or just google “Paris Climate Deal is a Sham”

Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben   or google “Klein McKibben Knock Climate Deal”

Institute for Policy Studies: Seven Wrinkles with Paris Climate Deal   Just google “Seven Wrinkles with Paris Climate Deal”

George Monbiot, Influential UK Journalist   or google “Monbiot Grand Promises of Paris Climate Deal”

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